Monday, February 9, 2009


While Will is in classes in Seminary William likes to do his own school here. I'm always tired, so we can't do school every day, but we do it as often as we can. Today we did a simple craft project. We made flags using the leftover chopsticks from Saturday and scrap fabric.

The fabric on the left is what William chose. I chose the fabric on the right.

William colored paper for one of the flags. (Yes, we do school in our jammies.)

Add a little hot glue.....

And voila ~ three flags! I put a tassel on mine :)

William recently discovered my box of 4th of July decorations. He keeps getting into the box to play with the American flags. Hopefully now that he has his own flags he won't be so interested in getting into my decorations.


  1. You and William are so creative! Although I have to admit, I think yours with the tassel is my fave!

  2. hey rachel!
    i'm getting caught up on your blog.
    it's sooooo great! and so well done.
    the picture of william with the chopsticks is hilarious! i love his three year old potraits, i think will is quite handsome too, and i love your flags!
    i don't know what my cardboard would say....will have to think about that one! :)
    lots of love!


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