Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thank You!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and thank you so very for understanding my need to declare correspondence bankruptcy! Thank you to those of you who have expressed your support. I really appreciate your patience with me as I do my best to keep in touch.

So far I'm having a lot of fun with the blog. It is very simple, very fast, and very easy. Just what I need!


P.S. I like it when people leave comments. That way I know you're reading and I'm not just typing into thin air. :)


  1. I'm reading too, and I love your blog.
    I feel even closer to you each time I read it and see pictures.
    It's wonderful.
    I don't see it as being 'patient' with you...I see your blog as a gift that we are blessed to be a part of.
    Thank YOU for sharing your journey.
    P.S. I forgot to say that I soooo can't use chopsticks! Go William!

  2. I am always amazed at how fast they learn things that we don't think they are ready for! THEY ARE SCHOOLING US at the same time! LOL GO WILLIAM!


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