Friday, April 3, 2009

Perparing for Easter

William and I put up Easter decorations two weeks ago. Decorating is something we enjoy doing together. We put on some Easter music, opened the box of Easter decorations, and had fun together.

Today William and I will be working on preparations for an Easter party tomorrow! We are having an Easter Egg hunt here. I am hoping and praying that I will also have the physical strength I need to tell the Easter story to all of the children who come. Easter egg hunts are fun, but the true story of Easter is much more important than eggs and chocolate. As we celebrate Easter in fun ways, we want to be sure to remember Jesus, His death and resurrection, and the salvation offered through Him!

As we prepare our hearts for Easter, these are some of the songs we have been listening to here at home.

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  1. Oh- I LOVE all of your Easter songs that you have listed- I grew up with all of them! :) Where did you live in Alaska? My husband and I are preparing to move back to Fairbanks at the end of the month- we can't wait to go!

  2. I love your Easter songs!! I first thought to myself when you mentioned Easter songs, "what exactly are easter songs?" Then I saw your music player and was excited because I LOVE ALL OF THEM!! Just like Amy they are all ones I grew up with! Thanks for sharing! I may have to "steal" this idea of "Easter Songs! Love it!!

    Have fun tomorrow at the Easter Egg hunt!!

  3. I hope you are overcome with lots of energy and have a lot of fun with William and the easter egg hunt.

    And I wanted to let you know I gave you the lemonade stand award over on my blog.

  4. I hope the egg hunt goes well... wish I could be there! Whenever I think of egg hunts I think of the only one I ever went to at Oma's where I found one of the DeHaye's little baskets hanging on a tree and I thought I had actually found one. I felt stupid.
    I'm praying you have lots of energy tomorrow!

  5. Great songs girly! I love easter time. I think about Jesus all the time during this part of the year!

  6. Sweet decorations! Hope your egg hunt goes well. And I love the reminder of what it's all about in your songs...


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