Monday, August 10, 2009

Backseat Driver

Here he is. Our backseat driver.

William has been learning about traffic laws, traffic lights, and directions. He likes to tell us when the light is green and when it is red. He recognizes landmarks, and he knows when to turn to go home or to a familiar place around town.

He knows a lot about traffic laws for a three year old, though he still doesn't understand the rule about yielding for a left turn on green, or about being allowed to take a right turn on red. We have gotten used to explaining things to him because he's always ready to tell us from the backseat about what we're doing "wrong!"

My mom has been here a lot this summer to help me out while Will has been taking J-terms (one week classes held in January, June, or July). She has experienced the fun of having our little three year old backseat driver. On one particular morning she took William to the Bass Pro Shop so that I could sleep in. Before going to the Bass Pro Shop, though, they made a quick stop at CVS. Here is how their conversation went in the car:

William: "Nana, do you have a map?"
Nana: "Yes, William, I have a map, but it is back at the house."
William: "This is not the way to the Bass Pro Shop."
Nana: "I'm going to CVS first."
William: "This is not the way to CVS."

Can you just hear the skepticism in his voice? He was questioning her every move! In William's defense, though, Mom was taking him to a different CVS than we usually go to. The route was different, but William still got to CVS, and he still got to the Bass Pro Shop. He was just a little worried for a while. :)


  1. Those pictures just made me laugh out loud. He's looking pretty sharp there in that tie!

  2. Teehee. Clever little boy you have there! Impressive that he cares about traffic laws at all at his age! Until I started driving I was totally clueless about driving. It was just something that "grown ups" did lol!

  3. haha! He reminds me of my oldest who is now 10--and he hasn't changed a bit!

  4. I can't believe how grown up he is getting!
    He cracks me up. Now he's helping with the driving. I wonder who has 'won' the decorating battle in your bedroom?! :)

  5. That second picture made me laugh! What a great little man you have there - quite precocious! I'm glad that your mom has taken the time to help you this summer - what a gift for you and for Will, so he can focus on studies.

  6. Well, I'm glad someone is keeping Ruth straight! He's a cutie, Rachel.
    Donna Word

  7. Love the second picture! Haha!

  8. my goodness he is a such a cutie pie! thanks for sharing this cute story about him.. sure made me laugh!!

  9. Rachel, it was good to see your blog! Do you have that book you quoted from "When God Weeps" by Tada? If so, I would love to borrow it from you sometime if I could.

    Thanks for blessing me tonight. . .it was encouraging to read your blog and get to know you a little better!

    I tried to go to your website, and it is blocked by the seminary. I am new to this system, so I don't know how to send a request to them to make an exception. Just thought I'd let you know. It says that they blocked it because it was a "phishing" site and could be trying to get my personal information - hence they blocked it!

  10. Thanks for letting me know, Adina. I sent a request for them to unblock it. Funny, I was just on there last week, so they only recently decided that I was suspicious. :)

    Yes, I do own the book, "When God Weeps." It is one of my very favorite books. You are welcome to borrow it.

  11. Kids are so literal that it's funny when they point out any straying from the party line - HAHA!

  12. Stopping by to say Hi from SITS--what a cutie patootie you have!

    And I'm looking over your site to find out more about dysautonomia. I've never heard of it before. Thanks for the enlightenment! =)

  13. Too cute! What a great story. Our three year old pitched a fit in the car last night because, as he said "This is NOT the way home!!" I promised him if Daddy was wrong, we would let him guide us home from there. Needless to say, it didn't come to that :)


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