Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blog Updates

I have been making a lot of changes and updates to my blog in the past week.  It has been fun and a good work out for my brain!  I will probably continue to tweak a few things over the next week or two, but I think I have the majority of the changes finished now. 

I really like this new look.  It is soothing, peaceful, and pretty.  I liked my last blog header and button a lot because it was so fun and cheerful.  But as cool as it was to have the little cartoon image, it didn't include Adelaide, and I didn't like leaving her out.

I have added some static pages above that I hope will be helpful for those who are new to One Day at a Time. I might add a subscription page as well. Currently readers can subscribe in a feedburner reader or with the Google friend connect. I am considering also setting up an email subscription (if I can figure that out!). Are any of you interested in subscribing via email?

One Day at a Time has a new blog button.  If you like putting buttons on your blog, please feel free to use the one below.  If you prefer the old button, it will still work.


So what do you think of the changes?  I hope you like the new blog look!


  1. I like the changes and I agree that your blog looks really soothing. I like the static links on the page. Congrats and welcome to your newly decorated bloggy-home!

  2. Love it!! It is very calming!

  3. I think it looks beautiful!!!!! I'm looking at it on my new netbook! :) I love the pages you have (was it hard to do???) I will have to text with you! I have been wanting to do that too. I love the new button and look. I'm so impressed that you did this and think it looks great. I would definitely subscribe in email! :) Love and hugs, Em

  4. I'm glad you're back and I'm loving your new look! I'll definitely add your new button in place of your old one on my 'Buttons Page'. If you have room, I would definitely love to be considered one of your 'Dysautonomia Friends'.

    I hope you are having a wonderfully blessed week!


    Teresa <><


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