Monday, February 16, 2009

I Won!

I am thrilled and excited! I actually won a blog giveaway! Cassandra over at Momma Needs a Time Out had a giveaway in honor of her 100th blog post. I won the Big Mama prize, which is a blog header and button for One Day at a Time. Cassandra's husband is a graphic designer and will pesonally design and create a header and button just for me! How cool is that?

A big thank you to Cassandra and her husband!!!


Sturgmom said...

Hi there- visiting from SITS! COngrats on your big win!! What fun!

emily said...

That is soooo cool!
I can't wait to see what your design is!
(Can I admit I'm a little envious?! :))
I so love your blog!
P.S. I really needed the smiles today that your blog just gave me. I'm really crashing out!

Shauna said...

Congrats! How exciting :)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

No way I so would love to win a blog makeover. Way to go!

Stopping by from SITS :)

Zona Wilson said...

This is so wonderful! What fun you will have sharing your creative brain with another to personalize your blog! Mine is so basic - I look at lovely backgrounds and special effects and just sigh!

AndreaLeigh said...

congrats! stopping by from sits to say hello.

JANE said...

Congrats!! Glad you won, sad I lost, LOL!!

Zebu said...


I just found your blog tonight. I'm so happy that you won--you deserve it!

I emailed you a little note.

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