Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Boy Lives Here

Lines of cars appear around my house. They are proof that a little boy lives here. He is playing and using his imagination. The cars in these lines are "racing." They slowly migrate around the house as they race. Sometimes I trip on them as I come around a corner, but that's okay. I like seeing his cars all over the place. It makes me smile. One of these days he will be all grown, and I will miss the cars. For now I will enjoy them.

The line of cars - proof that a little boy is around here somewhere.

There he is.

William and His Cars


  1. Cars, then trains, then airplanes, and on it goes, and I too love it because they grow up too fast and we can't remember it all, so the things that stick out the most, (like walking on Lego's or tripping on cars, or stepping on army men) are the things that we will treasure the most. He is growing so fast Rachel..

  2. He looks very proud of his train of cars! :) So cute!


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