Hope for the Hard Days: A 30 Day Devotional for the Tired and Weary

This devotion book is for those who need encouragement on the hard days. There are days when I am spiritually weary and need to be reminded of the hope I have in the Lord. Some of these devotionals were written on the days when I struggled to cling to hope. I wrote the words that I needed to hear on those hard days. Perhaps they are the words you need to hear too.

God has given me much encouragement and comfort through His Word, and I want to pass on the encouragement and comfort to you. I pray that you will not despair when the hard days come, but that you will cling to the hope found in Christ.

View the free ebook here: Hope for the Hard Days. The ebook can be read online if you wish. You are also welcome to download and print it at home.

What others have said about Hope for the Hard Days:

Rachel Lundy’s example of faithfulness in difficult circumstances was a blessing to me before I became ill, but since becoming partially homebound myself during treatment for cancer, her grace and beauty have inspired me to embrace my own situation as a part of God’s divine design. She has taught me to look for God’s hand in all of life, and through this series of devotions, she will encourage, inspire, and lead others to look to the Lord and His strength.
       Beth Holmes, Ministry Wife; Mom; Blogger, Beth Holmes

True hope is only found in one place: our Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. And in this theologically rich, beautifully written devotional, that’s where Rachel Lundy points us. With clear, accessible writing broken up into bite-sized chapters, Rachel reminds us of the true hope that we have been called to. Short prayers and Scripture suggestions for further individual study serve as practical advice to help drive home the message of the gospel hope we have in suffering, and where it is found. It’s easy to get beaten down under the relentless trials of chronic illness. Let this refreshing devotional recenter your mind on truth and restore your hope.
       Hailey Hudson, Chronically Ill Author and Speaker, The Hardworking Creative

I first read Hope for the Hard Days many years ago. The more I read, the more I relaxed into Rachel Lundy’s words. Rachel was someone I could trust. Her writing was both compassionate and honest. She offered both empathy and wisdom. I recently read through this devotional again, and I recommend it to anyone who is feeling discouraged, hopeless, or alone. You will find that this devotional lives up to its name. There really is hope for hard days, and Rachel helps us find it by pointing us to God and His Word over and over again.
       Esther Smith, Author, A Still and Quiet Mind; Owner, Christian Trauma Counseling

Rachel's heart for those walking through difficult times is evident in the pages of her new devotional, Hope for the Hard Days. As a woman who is no stranger to pain and weariness, Rachel desires to share the hope she has found in a relationship with God that helps sustain her. Recognizing that life can't and won't be ‘perfect,’ Rachel pairs her own experiences and hardships with the scriptures that have encouraged her, to offer a way of living that we all can benefit from. No matter where your journey finds you today, Hope for the Hard Days is the perfect devotional to begin your day with.
       Kristin Smith, Wife; Mother; Writer, The Riches of His Love and Remembering Isaac 

Rachel Lundy writes with the compassion of experience, the grace of well-chosen words, and the power of biblical truth. In 30 concise, one-page devotionals, each with an accompanying verse and prayer, Hope for the Hard Days offers profound but simple truths of Scripture that both lift up the weary spirit and ground the faltering mind. As a fellow believer with chronic illness, I was blessed, challenged, and encouraged by these devotions. I would hand this book to any friend with chronic illness in a heartbeat, and recommend it to any friend going through a difficult season. 
       Melissa J. Troutman, Writer and Editor, The Valley ministry

Rachel offers spiritual nourishment to weary chronic illness warriors with the compassion and wisdom of someone who understands. Hope for the Hard Days is a needed resource and one that I will be sending to friends. Rachel's devotional returns us to the foundational truths we will never outgrow--truths I cling to in my own chronic illness journey.
       S.G. Willoughby, Author, He’s Making Diamonds; Founder, Diamonds Conference 

Chronic Illness and Friendship

Building and maintaining friendships can be hard, and when there is a chronic illness it can be even harder. Whether you have a friend with a chronic illness, or you have a chronic illness yourself, this book is for you. In this book you will find ideas for how you can reach out to new friends and how you can better serve the friends God has already placed in your life. 

I encourage you to read this book with a friend. There are discussion questions at the end of each chapter that are designed to help you learn how to better serve one another in your friendship.

It is my hope and prayer that this ebook will be beneficial for both the healthy and the chronically ill as we seek to be good friends to those whom God has placed in our lives.

View the free ebook here: Chronic Illness and Friendship. The ebook can be read online if you wish. You are also welcome to download and print it at home.

Endorsement for Chronic Illness and Friendship:

"’But I asked her to go to the movies! She never takes me up on my offer.’ If you have a friend with a chronic illness it can be a challenge to know how to encourage her or help in the way she needs most. Rachel Lundy has written a 36-page book 'Chronic Illness and Friendship' that inspires us all to be better friends--whether we are the one with the illness or the friend of one in pain. It reminds us to remember the family of one who is ill as we learn more about her world. ‘Chronic Illness and Friendship’ also explains how to pray for and encourage one who is ill--which may be much different than we assume. Rachel has written a book that can be used as a conversation tool with friends, complete with topical questions at the end of each chapter. This book gives terrific insight into the value of friendships--even when you feel too tired to pursue them. If you are chronically ill or wish to be a better friend to those who are, this book will be an evening read, but it may impact your life for years to come.”

- Lisa Copen, author of Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend and founder of

Five Minute Friday

From the book description:

Every Friday for years, hundreds of people have joined an online writing flash mob called Five Minute Friday - a community of word lovers who throw caution to the wind and just write without worrying if it's just right.

These are their stories. One shared prompt. Five unedited minutes.

They silence the inner critic and write like we used to run as kids - with abandon and delight, not caring what anyone else things. It's like free therapy.

Everyone is welcome:

Because if you only have five minutes to write, don't spend them defeated. Spend them writing.

I am thrilled to be one of the contributing authors in this book. You can read more about Five Minute Friday here. The Five Minute Friday book can be purchased here on Amazon. All of the proceeds will be given to The Vine School and the Ten Dollar Tribe.

A Walk Through Psalms is a 366 day devotion book written by women from Southern Seminary. I am one of the contributing writers in this book, and I wrote the devotion for January 13. There are a total of 409 women who contributed to this project either by writing devotions, sharing testimonies, or sharing other words of wisdom. The authors are all connected to Southern Seminary in some way, whether faculty members, staff members, faculty wives, staff wives, students, student wives, graduates, or board members. All of these women have a passion for the Lord, His Word, and ministry. 

All of the proceeds from A Walk Through Psalms go toward scholarships for women at Southern Seminary. If you would like to order a copy, you may do so by calling the Southern Seminary LifeWay Christian bookstore at (502) 987-4506 or by emailing southernseminary.4689(at)lifeway(dot)com. For your reference, the ISBN number is 978-0-9840657-0-7. Books are $25 each.

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