Monday, February 9, 2009


Last weekend our internet was acting up again (more problems from the ice storm). Then on Saturday night our electricity went out. We just laughed! We thought it was quite funny. The ice storm had been a week and a half ago, and our electricity finally decided to quit. It happened right at supper time (of course!), so we headed to the mall for some great Chinese food.

I was eating my supper with chopsticks, and William said, "I want to use those." At first I just ignored him. The second time I tried to discourage him from using chopsticks. I had good intentions. I didn't want him to get frustrated because he couldn't use them. Chopsticks are hard to use after all. After the third request we gave him some chopsticks. I was expecting a mess, and expecting William to get very frustrated and discouraged. Boy, was I wrong! William picked up a piece of chicken on the first try! He then proceeded to eat almsot the rest of his meal with chopsticks!!! We didn't have to teach him how to use chopsticks, he just did it. That'll teach me to never discourage my child from trying something new!

We brought the chop sticks home for William to keep using. Just to prove that my three year old can indeed use chopsticks, here's a picture of him using them at home.


  1. Rachel,
    Glad to know that you have your electricity back. I enjoy the pictures.

  2. Haha! Love the picture! I'm impressed-- i'm still not too good with chopsticks. :)

  3. My nephew is so talented. :)


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