Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Allume Feature

Allume: Living in the Light

One of my favorite blogs is the new Allume blog. Allume is the name of a yearly blogging conference for Christian women, and they recently also began a blog for all of us! I have wanted to go to the conference, but it is just too difficult for me given my limitations. It is such a treat for me now to be able to share in the Allume community online, connect with other bloggers who love Jesus, and learn new blogging and writing tips right from home.

One of the monthly features on the Allume blog is the telling of Her Story.  Each month JessicaHeights tells the story of one member of the Allume community, because everyone has a story worth telling.  Last week Jessica shared my story. I was so blessed by the encouragement I received from friends and the Allume community when my story was published. Thank you, friends, for your kind words!

Click to read Jessica’s telling of my story.  Her Story: Hope In Broken Places


  1. Jessica @ Muthering HeightsApril 29, 2012 at 8:24 PM

    Thank you SO much for allowing me to share your story!!!!  I know it was a blessing to many women!  :)

  2. Congrads... Well written story about your journey with dysautonomia. Haven't read your blog in a long time. Wow you have been busy. I hope the cooler temperatures of the North will help you to be able to get out more.

    Blessing upon your family as you enter new challenges


  3. wow just checking up on you guys - sounds like life after seminary is great. we still miss it and wish u still lived five feet away :) pray for you often. love, sb


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