Monday, October 15, 2012

The King and Queen Welcome Us to Minnesota

large grain bins
The King and Queen of Southwest Minnesota

As we pulled into our new town in southwest Minnesota, Adelaide saw what she believed was a familiar site. "It's the King and Queen!" our 2 year old exclaimed. Her favorite buildings were here to welcome her home!

Having spent the previous 8 months in the Atlanta area, the King and Queen building had become the children's favorite landmark. When we would drive by, the children would always shout out, "It's the King and Queen!"

As Adelaide has taught us, farm country also has king and queen buildings. :) These particular grain bins (aka, King and Queen), make me smile every time we drive by.

grain bins and soybean field

We are settling into our new home, new town, and new church here in Minnesota. The move was harder than anticipated, but we are doing well and are so thankful for the opportunity we have to live and serve the Lord here.

We're still working on unpacking.  I'm slow, so it takes a while! :) But we'll get there. The hardest part of it is done, and I'm ready to start putting some energy back into blogging. Hello Cranberry Tea Time friends; I have missed you!


  1. Glad to see you back blogging again! That is so observant of Adelaide - those buildings do resemble the grain bins! I love how kids' minds work.

  2. Love it!  Makes me smile too.  Those "famous" quotes from our children are one of the joys of parenthood!  Praying for you all, always.

  3. Glad you are settling!  I just read in this budgeting book about a family who rarely went out to eat.  But, sometimes, when their kids were smaller, they would have "King and Queen" family nights.  They'd go to Burger King for the dollar menu items and water and Dairy Queen for a cheap dessert.  Bet your kids would like that!  :)

  4. King and Queen family night sounds like fun!  

  5. Thanks for your prayers, Linda.  I miss you!  So glad we can keep in touch with facebook. 

  6. Thanks, Kristen! It is good to be blogging again.  Now I just need to come up with more ideas for what to write!


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