Saturday, January 23, 2010

Catching Up - How I've Been Doing

I haven't said much about how I have been doing for the past month. That's the boring stuff, and I'd rather just post pictures of my children. But, people have been asking how I have been doing, so I'm going to share.

These have been a rough several weeks. Caring for an infant takes a lot of energy, and the loss of sleep is difficult for me. However, I must say that I have been doing much better than we thought I would be postpartum, and for that we are very thankful.

For two weeks after Adelaide was born, I spent a lot of time each day just holding her and enjoying her. What a blessing and a privelege those times were.

After the first two weeks, the loss of sleep really started to catch up with me. Will helped with half or more of the night time feedings, and then he would take Adelaide in the morning while I slept until noon or later. Over the weeks, though, this system was no longer working. I was getting weaker and having difficulty holding Adelaide while in my recliner. My brain fog started getting bad again, and I couldn't think or communicate clearly. At that point Will said it was time for me to stop pushing myself. He took Adelaide and they slept in the living room for a few nights so that I could get good, solid sleep at night.

I am doing much better now. I'm not feeling back up to baseline (my "normal"), but I am at least at a functioning level again. Will continues to do all of the night time feedings, which is a huge help to me. I sleep all night and am able to sleep in until noon.

Life is definitely harder with a baby, but that doesn't change the way I feel about Adelaide. I love this little girl so much. She is definitely worth the sleepless nights, extra weakness and fatigue, and all the hard work.


  1. I'm not a mom but I've spent most of my adult life watching everyone around me go through it! Seems those earliest years are definitely the hardest...and someday you'll look back and wonder how you did it!

    Adelaide is beautiful!

  2. Great to hear that you're working on getting the rest you need while still getting time to enjoy the awesomeness of your new little girl! Keep us posted on everyone's progress!! :)

  3. Your husband sounds like solid gold. You have been abundantly blessed and I must say you are very brave. Cheers, SITSta!

  4. im going to say what potsies hate most, you both look so well.

    ive been reading your blog for awhile and never left a message.

    hope your coping, and hope your tiredness evens out soon.x

  5. Rachel, I must say "SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!" she looks like a little doll! We want a 3rd child so badly, but we've resigned to waiting a bit, talking to my specialist, and also the most important part is finding a slightly larger apartment or Our 2 girls have no room for another in their bedroom. Although the small apartment and the set up does allow me to sit in my recliner and I'm just steps from everything and able to watch them even on the not so good days. But seriously, your children are absolute dolls! And I agree, your husband is a great guy from all I've read! Much like my Eric, I think God just blessed us with the perfect guys to be by our sides during all of this dys. stuff!!! God bless!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your mommyhood journey in conjunction with discussing your illness. It's fascinating to read about, if you don't mind my saying so, and it's awesome how well you cope with it all!


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