Thursday, August 18, 2011

Goodbye IVs

I had my last IV saline infusion this week.  I have been weaning off of them for the past 4 weeks.  I don't know how long my body will be able to hold out without doing IV fluids 3 times a week, but I'm going to push it for as long as I can.

A few months ago I started a dairy free diet (no milk, milk products, or milk proteins).  It hasn't helped my energy level at all, but it has seemed to help my gastroparesis.  My stomach is partially paralyzed, and the milk proteins are hard for me to digest.  Now that I no longer consume any form of dairy I have found that I am able to drink more fluids and stay better hydrated with oral intake.

The saline infusions do still help a little bit, but at this point I don't want to continue to stress my veins if I don't absolutely have to do so.  The veins in my hands are starting to give out, and it isn't likely that I would be able to continue peripheral IVs for much longer.  If I continue with IV saline treatment on a tri-weekly basis it will only be a matter of time before my veins give out and I need a permanent line (a picc line or a port).  It is likely that the day will come when I can no longer go without a permanent line, but I want to delay that as much as possible.  There are risks that come with permanent lines that I just don't want to take yet, so I am opting out of regular IV fluids at this time.  I don't know how long I will last without them.  Maybe 3 years, or maybe just a few months.  Whatever it is, I'll take it.

This is a picture of Adelaide and me right before we moved away from Kentucky.  Adelaide called my IV an "I."  She liked my IV and would often ask for one of her own. so I would tape some gauze on her hand.  She was excited to have an IV just like Mommy. 

Adelaide and Me with Our IVs

We are going to be moving into our apartment in Atlanta this weekend.  I won't be blogging for at least a week as we get settled in, but I'll be back as soon as we have internet again and my energy allows.


  1. Cute little Adelaide!
    I'd say the same thing about dairy. Not sure how much it helps my POTS but definitely helps my stomach. I haven't definitively been with gastroparesis but wouldn't be surprised if I had it or at least a transient form. Nothing showed the morning of my upper gi so he says I don't have it- I'm not as convinced.
    Anyways, dairy free has improved my stomach a ton. I was able to stop miralax :) I did have a little dairy one day & a few hours later as well as the next day I had this weird dizzy buzz going on and felt blech. So yeah dairy free is a good decision for me too
    Did you know you can make "ice-cream" out of bananas? Let me if you want the recipe for a dairy free treat :)

  2. Yes, I would love the recipe for "ice cream" made from bananas! Ice cream is probably the thing I miss the most with the dairy free diet. I had coconut milk ice cream, which was delicious, but at $6 a pint that will be a very rare treat!

  3. hope the settling in and move doesnt take too much out of you. plently of rest. such a sweet picture of you both. x

  4. Just stopping by to see how you're feeling and how the move went.

    Miss you!

  5. Hi Shari, thanks so much for thinking of me! I am doing well. We have been busy unpacking, settling in, starting school for William. I am so ready to get back to blogging! I hope to be back soon to share some updates and pictures.


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