Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Birthday Fun

December has been a busy month for us with birthdays, graduation, and Christmas.  We have had some fun celebrations, and I am so thankful that I have been able to feel well enough to be present for the occasions.  I have paid for pushing my body so hard, but I am thankful that I was even able to push my body.  A year ago I couldn't have.

Earlier this month we celebrated both William and Adelaide's birthdays.  William turned 6 years old, and Adelaide turned 2.  We had a small family party for both of them with my parents and sister.  We often referred to this as the "practice party."  We were planning to have a Lego birthday party for William while we were in Louisville for Will's graduation.  I wanted to practice making a Lego cake and a pinata ahead of time to be sure that everything went smoothly for the party in Louisville.

William was thrilled to get a lot of Star Wars Legos!

Adelaide was delighted with coffee cups and toy food.

For our present for Adelaide we bought a used toy kitchen and fixed it up.
Before and after pictures will be coming later on this week.

My sister, Krista, helped me to make this Lego brick cake for William.

Adelaide liked her kitchen too much, and she wouldn't leave it even for birthday cake.
We brought her cake and candles over to her at her new kitchen.

The practice pinata was a lot of fun.
My sister helped me make this one and another one for the Lego party in Louisville.

The family party was a lot of fun!  Next week I hope to share about William's Lego party with his friends in Kentucky.

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