Monday, April 29, 2013

(in) Real Life

This past weekend (in)courage hosted their annual (in) Real Life conference. This conference was such a blessing to me! It suits my energy levels perfectly. The (in)RL conference is the conference that comes to you. You don't have to get on a plane and fly across the country. You don't have to buy an expensive conference ticket. The (in)RL conference is free, and you can watch at home while wearing your jammies! Which is exactly what I did on Friday night. :)

If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen me tweeting up a storm on Friday as I was watching the (in)RL conference webcast. It was so much fun to watch the conference videos with online friends and connect through twitter. I went to sleep that night excited for the next day.

On Saturday for the (in)RL conference, we step out of our homes and travel to local meetups. This year there were 6,000 women who attended (in)RL. There were 590 meetups in 20 different countries! Women all over the world were stepping out from behind their blogs and meeting up in real life.

I grabbed a friend and we went to a meet up hosted by Kristin. She opened her home to us and prepared delicious food. We enjoyed talking, eating, laughing, and watching the Saturday conference videos. I came home that afternoon exhausted, but refreshed, blessed, encouraged, and very grateful for our time. Thank you, Kristin, for opening your home to us!

I had considered hosting a meetup for (in)RL this year, and I was going to invite ladies from church and from my town. I ended up deciding against it, however, because I knew I was going to be at the Mayo Clinic only a few weeks before. It was likely that I would be too exhausted from my Mayo trip to be able to plan and prepare for having women into my home.

I decided against hosting, but the conference was so good that I do want to share it with more friends. I have purchased the (in)RL conference DVDs, and I am planning to invite some friends over for an unfashionably late (in)RL party!

Thank you, (in)courage, for hosting this conference. I am already looking forward to (in)RL 2014!

I am linking up today with (in)courage sisters who are sharing about their weekends.


  1. What an inspiration you are. I am a friend of Glenda. My 3 year old grandson was diagnosed with mitro disease. Glenda shared your website info with me. Prayers for you. Love your spirit!

  2. Thanks for visiting here at Cranberry Tea Time! I'm so sorry that your grandson has a mitochondrial disease. Poor little guy. I hope that research will soon advance and be able to offer him more treatment options.


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