Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hello Mornings!

I'm maximizing my mornings with HelloMornings.
In January 2013 I joined a HelloMornings group. HelloMornings is an online community that provides free Bible studies and accountability groups for women. I learned about HelloMornings while reading on the blog. They were going to have their very own HelloMornings group for ministry wives. Having a small online community of pastor's wives seemed like such a refreshing and encouraging thing to me. Because I am mostly homebound, the internet is often my connection to the outside world. I keep in touch with friends through facebook, blogging, and email. Going to a conference for ministry wives would be difficult to impossible, but joining a community of pastor's wives online? Now that was a possibility!
At first I wasn't sure how well I would fit in being disabled and having a much different schedule than everyone else. I don't exactly fit the typical HelloMornings mold! The goal with HelloMornings is to get up early (often before the children awake) and spend time in God's Word before starting the day. Getting up early isn't something I can do well, nor is it something I should attempt to do on a regular basis. I emailed Katie and told her that I really wanted to be a part of the Flourish HelloMorings group, but that I couldn't get up early. I could commit to reading God's Word every day, but that "early" for me was actually late morning. I would have to check in with my group several hours later than everyone else. Katie assured me that was just fine; HelloMornings works differently for everyone, and I could tailor the challenge to fit my needs.
Some women in HelloMornings want accountability for getting up early, having daily Bible study, and getting daily exercise. My goal is just for daily Bible study before I start my day. It takes me a while to wake up, so my morning Bible study is usually around 11:00am or a little later. I check in with my group each day Monday-Friday. I have appreciated the friendship and encouragement of other pastor's wives in my group. HelloMornings has been a blessing to me this year.
Today I am being interviewed on the HelloMornings blog. You are invited to come on over for a visit! I will be in the comment section today answering any questions that you have. Join me there?

Would you like to learn more about Hello Mornings and how it all began?  Watch this video!
(Email subscribers, you will need to click over to my blog to view the video.)

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