Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Busy While Resting

I have spent a lot of time resting in the past month. Those of you who are home-bound and/or bed-bound know how boring all of the resting can be! Here’s what I have been doing recently to keep busy while resting:

I would love to hear suggestions of other things to do while in bed or in a recliner. What do you do to keep busy while resting?


  1. This has been on my mind lately, I'm so bored but I don't have much energy or endurance. It's actually more than that, it only takes a few minutes to be dizzy, weak, nauseas, and brain fogged and in pain whether it be my hands/arms, low back, head.. I wish I had simole things to stay occupied, I want to paint nor knit all time but my body isn't as enthusiastic about those ideas! My PT threw out brain games but nope too taxing. I'm mostly sick of tv except for a few shows. Sometimes I listen to audiobooks and music but even that get boring after a while. Sometimes I feel lost in boredom. I'd love to hear if anyone has other ideas!!

  2. Hi Tonya, I updated my list to include "Into the Amazon" - a television series that is on YouTube. It was suggested to me on the Cranberry Tea Time facebook page. I've only watched one episode so far, but I like it! Maybe that would be a different sort of television show that would capture your interest.


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