Monday, March 31, 2014

I Need Your Help!

Hello Cranberry Tea Time friends! Would you please help me with something? If you have time, would you please complete this survey? It will help me to know how I can better serve you through my blog.

I don’t want Cranberry Tea Time to be just for me. While it is a creative outlet for me and a way for me to keep busy while resting, I also want it to be a way to serve the Lord and to serve you!

I know that I have a wide variety of readers, from those who are friends and family to those whom I have never met in real life. Many of you have chronic illnesses, but there are also many of you who don’t. Some of you believe in Jesus Christ as I do, and some of you have other faith beliefs. There are moms, married women, single women, and even a few men who read here at Cranberry Tea Time.

There are probably many different reasons why each of you are here. I would like to get to know all of you a little better, to know what you like about Cranberry Tea Time, and learn what kind of posts are most beneficial to you. If there is a way I can better serve and encourage you through Cranberry Tea Time, please do share! 

You may choose to answer only one, or all, of the questions. All of your responses will be completely anonymous, even to me. If you are reading this blog post via email, I think you will need to click over to the blog to complete the survey.

Thank you for your help, friends!

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