Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Book Review: Glimpses of Grace

Gloria Furman is a pastor’s wife and mother of four. She and her husband moved to Dubai in 2008 to plant a church, where her husband now serves as pastor. Gloria is a homemaker, doula, blogger, and author.

I recently read Gloria Furman’s book, Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home. Before I started reading Glimpses of Grace, I wasn't sure how applicable it would be for me. This book was written for wives and mothers whose days are filled with “mundane” tasks of homemaking. As a disabled wife and mom, I cannot physically take care of most of those tasks, so my life is very different. However, this book was very practical and applicable for me! I would recommend it to any woman, whether single or married, with children or without children, healthy or chronically ill.

In Glimpses of Grace, Gloria Furman explains how the gospel makes a difference in our everyday lives. The gospel isn't just something we believe so that we can be saved. It has implications for all aspects of life. Gloria shows how the gospel affects our home life, friendships, hospitality, generosity, contentment, and cheerfulness. She shows how the gospel removes our shame and gives us hope. I found this book to be thought-provoking, challenging, and encouraging.

Glimpses of Grace is theologically rich, yet easy to read and understand. It is helpful and practical. It is a book that is full of good teaching and solid truth. I highly recommend it!

Listen as Gloria tells about Glimpses of Grace in her own words. 
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Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Glimpses of Grace:

“Theology is for homemakers who need to know who God is, who they are, and what this mundane life is all about.”

“God’s triumphant grace in the work of Christ on the cross assures of this: when our hope is in God’s glory, for ourselves and for others, then our life in the home is anything but dull, diminutive, and disappointing.”

“His hospitable work on the cross makes it possible for God to forgive our sins. The heavenly hospitality of the holy Trinity is the grandest gesture of selflessness, openness, humility, generosity, and love that the world has ever seen. God does open-heart surgery on us so that we can have open homes to his glory.”

“The gospel is the lens through which God sees us when we have faith in his Son – the gospel is our one great, permanent circumstance.”

“Rejoicing in the Lord is primary to your contentment, because only the Lord can eternally and sufficiently satisfy your soul.”

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