Friday, September 5, 2014

Busy Hands: County Fair Edition

One of my family's favorite things every summer is the county fair. We look forward to it all summer long! You may have seen the photos from the fair that I shared on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. We had fun entering crafts, baked goods, and vegetables from our garden. I wasn't able to be at the fair for very long this year, but I had fun participating while home-bound by entering craft projects. I didn't even have to take the items to the fair or pick them up. Will did all of that for me!

In June and July I kept my hands busy by making several different crocheted items to enter at the fair. Here are the crafts I entered and the ribbons they won. Don't be too impressed with the ribbons, though - there were only one or two entries in several of the categories. But it was fun for me anyway!

Baby Booties
The pattern is available for free here.

Newsboy Hat
I don't have a pattern for this one. This is a hat I have been making for a few years by looking at a newsgirl hat that Adelaide was given as a baby. I added the extra strap and buttons this time for a boy's hat.

Crocheted Doilies
Most of these patterns come from a book, but the pattern for the doily at the top left can be found here.

Medical ID Bracelet

Flapper Hat
I couldn't find a free pattern online that I liked, so I looked at several different pictures and made the hat up as I went along. I tried it on several times as I was making it to get the size and shape right. The hat is made with single crochet stitches in a spiral. The brim is made with single crochet stitches in rows.

This is a fun hat to wear! I can't wait for fall and winter so that I can wear this hat when I go out!

So that is what I did this summer to keep my hands busy. What have you been doing lately to keep your hands busy?


  1. They are beautiful, Rachel! Thanks for sharing them with us :) hmmm... 'Cause I have arm and hand trouble, I can't keep my hands too busy! Haha! I have been working on a couple courses slowly trying to complete high school, and then I have been working on letters and goodies for my a Compassion sponsored children :)

  2. Letters and school work count for keeping hands busy!

  3. Haha thanks :) using dictation makes it less so, but I agree :)


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