Tuesday, December 16, 2014

10 Ways to Reach Out to a Family with Chronic Illness

“Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

Christians are called to bear one another’s burdens, but when people have burdens that we do not understand it can be difficult to know how to fulfill this calling. A debilitating chronic illness is one of these difficult burdens.

Perhaps you know people who are affected by chronic illness and you would like to help them bear that burden, but aren't sure what to do. You are invited to join me today on the Awana Life Threads blog where I am sharing about 10 Ways to Reach Out to a Family with Chronic Illness.


  1. Thanks for sharing this post. These are very good :)

  2. It is great to know that yes that is the way that Christians are called to love one another. The hard part is when you live with a long term chronic illness, is experiencing the failures of Christians to love like Jesus showed us too. It becomes hard to forgive and love the ones who say one thing and do other things.

    I guess the best thing to remember first of all is that in the loneliest days, when functioning is beyond our present capabilities. Our first love and strongest love, comfort and understanding will always come from God, the Son and the Spirit. I wish God would send out many Christians with understanding and the presence of comfort and love to families and friends of those who are chronically ill. What a gift that would be... Could you imagine a blessing that could go out where no sick, scared, isolated person could be found.

    What a blessed miracle that would be.

    Thanks for the many words of encouragement and comfort that you give all year round. Thanks for your honestly and vulnerability in disclosing the hard times. It helps me to know that in my best and worst days that in reality love can heal broken bodies and spirts and bring hope and joy into some dark moments.

  3. Hi Corrine,

    I'm sorry you have needed help and not received it from other Christians. I'm sorry you have been hurt in this way. Sadly, I think it is fairly common for Christians with chronic illness to not receive the help and support they need from the body of Christ. There are probably many reasons for this. I think one of the reasons is because others aren't aware of our needs and aren't aware that they can (and maybe even should!) help. I hope that blog posts like this will make a difference.

    Thank you for reading and commenting here regularly. You are a blessing and an encouragement to me!

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a day filled with peace and joy!



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