Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My New Favorite Seat in the House

In July Will and my sister, Krista, rearranged furniture in our house so that I could have one of my recliners next to the big sliding glass doors in our office. This allows me to recline and watch William and Adelaide play outside. Previously I had to stand at a window to see the children playing in the backyard. I could never watch for more than a couple of minutes because my blood pools in my legs when I'm standing. Now that I can lie down in a recliner and see out the window, I can watch them play for an hour (on a good day).

I had to let Will and Krista take one of my bookshelves and half of my books down to the basement to make room for a recliner in the office, but the sacrifice was worth it. I love lying in my recliner and watching the children play outside. This is such a treat for me! 

In the fall, when the children are in school during the day, I am hoping that this recliner will be a place where I can work on scrapbooking as energy permits. And maybe I'll even get to watch the children play in the snow in the winter! There is much to look forward to with my new seat by the backyard windows. :)

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