Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Catching Up - Coming Home

William meets Adelaide for the first time.

William was so excited when Adelaide and I came home from the hospital. He loves babies (just ask any of my friends who have babies!), and he was absolutely thrilled that he now had a baby sister of his own. We let Adelaide sleep in her carseat for a few minutes, and just looking at her was exciting for William. Then when I took Adelaide out of her carseat I asked William if he would like to hold her. He eyes got big as he said, "yes," and he was so excited that he was shaking! He was very calm and careful, but very excited!

William holds Adelaide for the first time.

William loves his baby sister a lot.

Our Family of Four
Look at that proud big brother!

William checks out Adelaide's tiny fingers.

Before Adelaide was born, William asked me, "Mommy, when Adelaide comes, can we celebrate?"

I said, "Yes. What would you like to do to celebrate?"

"We can make a cake."

And so while Adelaide and I were in the hospital, William and my mom made cupcakes to celebrate. They were waiting for us when we came home. William had even iced six of them all by himself.

My mom (Nana), William, and Adelaide

My mom was a wonderful help to us. William stayed at home with his Nana while we were in the hospital. Mom also stayed for a week after we came home from the hospital to help out with cooking and taking care of our two little ones. Thanks, Mom. :) You made the first two weeks with Adelaide much easier than they would have been otherwise.


  1. Precious, precious pictures! What a sweet time in life!

  2. How sweet it this! What a good brother! Congratulations! I pray that you guys will be so blessed! Super-exciting! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I just checked in on that one and saw your comment!

    Glad we are all 'breaking free' from the perfectionism! It feels great! :)

  3. Adelaide is such a precious new addition to your family! I'm glad William is an adoring big brother :)

  4. What a lovely family of 4! And how wonderful that William is so into being a big bro! It's funny, when Juliet was a newborn and we'd take her out, I used to notice how little girls would stop to stare at her but most little boys didn't seem to care whatsoever. I thought it was a 'boy thing', but it sounds like William is an evolved man already :). Hehe! So great to get your updates and to hear that you are all doing so very well. Keep 'em coming (when you can).


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