Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One Hundred Fifty

William loves his baby sister, absolutey loves her. He likes to play with her. He likes to help change her clothes and change her diaper. He brings her toys. He bounces her gently in her bouncy seat. If Adelaide is crying then William sings to her and she stops crying. If there is a bottle nearby, William will take the bottle and feed Adelaide. William is thrilled to be a big brother. The only thing he doesn't like is the fact that we only have one baby. He wants more, and he asks for more babies several times a week.

Here is a recent conversation concerning the topic of more babies:

William: "I never had a baby before. I am so glad that God gave us a baby. I love Adelaide. I wish we could have 150 babies."

Me: "We don't have room for 150 babies."

William: "We can just buy a bigger house."

William doesn't know how much 150 is; he just knows that it is a LOT and that he wants a LOT of babies. Will and I have told William that when he grows up he can be like George Müller and take care of orphans. We pray that William will always have a love for children and babies, and that he will demonstrate God's love for others by caring for orphans.


  1. What a blessing that William loves her so much! 150...I love that.....and I LOVE the story of George Muller!

  2. That is so adorably cute! Wouldn't that be an interesting house to live in!

  3. That is so cute. I can see him doing just that. . . . with a little help. :D I will pray with you.

  4. I love his great big brother's heart! May it always stay soft towards babies!

  5. So cute! Just stopping by from SITS to say Hello. Have a great week!

  6. That picture is adorable! William's face is so full of joy.


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