Saturday, April 24, 2010

Soft-Boiled Eggs and Violets

When I was a little girl I loved to go to my Oma and Opa's house.  Oma would always fix soft-boiled eggs for breakfast - my favorite!  Then, to my amazement, Oma could turn the empty eggshells into vases for small flowers.  She would carefully wash the eggshells and keep the ones that had not cracked.  Then the two of us would take a walk in the backyard to pick flowers for our eggshell vases.  It was my special time with Oma, and I always liked picking the wild violets that grew in her backyard.  To this day, wild violets remind me of Oma.

Guess what I found in our backyard this spring...

Wild Violets!

Earlier this week William and I ate soft boiled eggs for breakfast.  Then that afternoon we took a walk to the back of the apartments where the violets are.  (We took all of the necessary precautions for such an excursion: a stool for me to sit on, compression hose, water, and a cell phone for William to call Will if I were to faint or be too weak to get back to the front of the building.)  Once in the back, I sat down and picked my violets while William picked dandelions.  We took them inside, and my violets found their home in a small eggshell vase, just like Oma used to make for me.


  1. What a lovely post in every respect! Wonderful story, so nice mom/son memory time, and perfect pictures. All that was missing (on my end) was the fragrance of the violets. Thanks for the day-brightener!

  2. Rachel, sweet and so cute and crafty!

  3. What an awesome memory! And waht an absolutely adorable little boy you have!!!

    We have wild violets in our backyard too. I may just have to take my boys out to pick some tonight!!


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