Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 Days of Joy: Little Joys

Painted toenails are one of my simple joys in life.  I keep them painted all the time because it makes me happy. I'm too tired most days to bother with hair, makeup, and a nice outfit, but at least my feet look good!

Adelaide likes to have her toenails painted too.  If I show my foot to Adelaide and say, "Look, we match!" she will smile, laugh, and wiggle her foot next to mine.  Seeing Adelaide's delight makes having painted toenails that much more fun.


  1. Ha -- too cute! You're just like me... I cannot stand when my toenails aren't painted. That's one of my must-do's before a doctor/therapy/etc. visit or hospitalization: my toes MUST be painted!

  2. Oh yes! :)  I only see my face if I look in the mirror, but since I always go barefoot in our home I see my toes all day long.  They must be decorated.


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