Monday, November 14, 2011


Hello Cranberry Tea Time Friends,

I have been looking for ways to better connect with each of you.  I would like for Cranberry Tea Time to be more than just me posting my thoughts in this space.  I would like to chat with each of you, the way late night teatime with cranberry tea was meant to be.  For that reason I installed the Disqus comment system on my blog, allowing me (and you) to personally reply to comments.

I also recently started a Facebook page for Cranberry Tea Time.  Please come over and check it out!  My hope is to be able to share small things there.  Whenever I go for a while without blogging (which usually happens when I am not doing well), I start getting emails and comments on my blog asking how I'm doing.  I really appreciate these thoughtful messages, and they encourage me so much on the hard days.  I wish I could send long and thoughtful emails to each person who contacts me, but the truth is I just can't keep up with it.  My body and brain fog don't allow it.  But just because I can't email everyone doesn't mean that I don't want to connect.  I just have to use different and easier methods.  I can keep up with Facebook on most days, so come on over and "like" Cranberry Tea Time to keep in touch.

Thanks for being my Cranberry Tea Time Friend.  I appreciate you!


P.S.  Have you entered the DaySpring giveaway?  If not, enter today!  A random winner will be chosen and announced on Tuesday.

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