Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Cookies

I've always been sad about not being able to do Christmas cookies with my children each year.  It was something I had wanted to do every year with my children since before I was a mom, but now I'm too sick to bake and decorate cookies.

However, this year I found a great alternative!  We dipped pretzel sticks in chocolate and covered them with sprinkles.  It was so easy!  I sat on the floor in front of the microwave.  I was able to take the chocolate out of the microwave without even standing up.  I dipped the pretzels, put them on the cookie sheet, and the children put on sprinkles.  That was it!  Easy-peasy and so much fun.  William and I have decided that this will be our yearly Christmas cookie tradition.

William and Adelaide were in charge of sprinkles.
We didn't even get very many on the carpet!

My Handsome Little Chef

My Pretty Little Cook


  1. Those are the bomb!!  Wish we were there to taste some!  Merry Christmas to you all and lots of love!


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