Thursday, December 29, 2011

Toy Kitchen Makeover

I wanted to get Adelaide a toy kitchen for her 2nd birthday.  Toy kitchens are expensive, and I was looking for a way to get one at an affordable price.  I was planning to use an old tv stand or end table and make it into a little girl's kitchen, so I started collecting Play Kitchen Ideas on Pinterest.

I never did find the right piece of furniture at a thrift store to use for the kitchen makeover.  However, my parents found an old and faded toy kitchen for me, which made the project even easier!  Here are the before pictures:

It was not so pretty, but was very sturdy - perfect for a makeover!

It even came with a little tea kettle, which was also in need of a makeover.

My dad sanded the kitchen down, removed the doors, handles, and knobs.  Will took me out shopping to find the perfect paint.  It took me two weeks to get everything painted.  It was hard work, much harder than I had anticipated.  Painting the little kitchen took a lot out of me, but the end product was pretty, and seeing the delighted expression on Adelaide's face was priceless. 

Here is the kitchen after its makeover:

The kitchen is now "Canyon Pink" from Olympic paints.  The knobs and sink are painted white (with a little bit of pink mixed into the white paint).  My mom recently showed me that Adelaide's kitchen looks a little like the Pottery Barn Kids toy kitchen!  I had no idea that pink was such a stylish color for toy kitchens right now.

I also sanded and painted the tea kettle.  The faded red, yellow, and blue of the original kettle would never do!  I mixed some black and pink paint in order to get a new color for the tea kettle.  I was hoping for a grayish pink color, but it actually turned kind of purple.

My mom found two wooden disks for me to use for the burners.
I painted them black and glued them on using wood glue.

Adelaide loves to wash her hands in the sink.

The pink kitchen is Adelaide's new favorite toy.

The paint job isn't perfect, but it is good enough.  Adelaide is thrilled with her new kitchen, and it brings me such happiness to see her play with it.  I am so thankful that the Lord gave me the strength to paint this little kitchen for her.


  1. I love it!  Great job!

  2. LLLLOOOOOVE it!!!  Awesome work, girl!  You amaze me!  

  3. That is gorgeous!!!! And how much more special it is than a brand new store-bought kitchen. <3 it!


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