Monday, February 18, 2013

Joy in the Pain

My friend, Jennifer, at Live Art.fully is skilled at finding beauty in the ashes and joy in the pain.  She recently posted about life through her eyes and shared pictures of the beauty she has found in the everyday.  She inspired me to do the same!

These past two months have been difficult ones for me. My health has been pretty unstable, and I've had one symptom flare up after another. I have been dealing with migraines that come in cycles. There have been weeks at a time with little respite from migraine symptoms. As soon as one migraine ended, another one would begin. The fatigue and sensory overload that comes with migraines required that I rest in my quiet bedroom.

On other days I have been stuck in bed because of muscle pain and weakness. Sometimes I couldn't even read because holding a book open was too hard and too painful. Simply scrolling on my laptop caused intense muscle pain. My muscles wouldn't allow me to do anything but pray or watch television.

My struggle with brain fog has been nearly constant. I often find myself unable to think clearly, stumbling over words, or saying the wrong words and not even knowing it. Some days the brain fog has turned into confusion and disorientation.

All of this has been isolating and discouraging. It has been a hard two months. What's a girl to do? Start counting her blessings and find beauty in the everyday. Find the good gifts from God that are all around.

I made it my mission to find beauty when I'm stuck in bed. Here are just a few things for which I have been especially grateful:

smooth, clean sheets

a beautiful handmade quilt

lovely purple walls

my favorite verse framed and hanging by my bed - a reminder that this body is failing, but will one day be replaced with one that is imperishable

happy children who love to come in and visit me and give me hugs and kisses

Beauty and good gifts from the Lord are all around.  What good gifts are you thanking God for today?


  1. Rachel, Thank you for sharing honestly from your heart. These encouraging pictures and your thankful, positive attitude really glorify God. I know you are hurting and feeling isolated. I want you to know that I care. Love you.


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