Monday, November 4, 2013

An Extra Spoon

A dysautonomia friend recently gave me this spoon necklace so that I would always have an extra spoon on hand!

Have you ever read The Spoon Theory? The Spoon Theory was written by Christine Miserandino from Christine has Lupus, and a friend asked her what it was like to be sick all the time. Christine came up with a story using spoons to explain what it is like to have very limited energy ("spoons") each day. When you are sick you have to think carefully about everything you do and how many "spoons" it is going to cost you.

If you have never read The Spoon Theory, it is worth reading. It will help you to better understand what life is like for someone who has a chronic illness.

I love wearing my new necklace! My extra spoon reminds me of my many friends who live with dysautonomia and other chronic illnesses. I am blessed to have such a good support network of chronic illness friends.

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