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Free Ebook: Hope for the Hard Days

Hope for the Hard Days - a free gift for you!

Edited 3-11-24 to add:

Hope for the Hard Days is now available on Amazon as a Kindle or a paperback copy. You are also still welcome to download a free (updated) PDF version here.

Hope for the Hard Days: A 30 Day Devotional for the Tired and Weary

It is here! I am so excited to share Hope for the Hard Days with all of you. God has given me much encouragement and comfort through His Word, and I want to pass on that encouragement and comfort to you. I pray that you will not despair when the hard days come, but that you will cling to the hope found in Christ.

I live with a chronic illness, and there are days when I am spiritually weary from the fight and need to be reminded of the hope I have in the Lord. Some of the devotions in this book were written on the days when I struggled to cling to hope. I wrote the words that I needed to hear on those hard days. Perhaps they are the words you need to hear too. 

What others are saying about Hope for the Hard Days:

“Rachel's devotional is full of hope gleaned from God's Word - hope that we can have only through the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Writing from the perspective of someone who knows what it is like to live with a debilitating chronic illness, Rachel's joy shines through. Her perspective will encourage you no matter what you're presently facing in your life. I recommend Hope for the Hard Days to anyone experiencing tough times.” 
       Linda Massey WeddleSenior Writer/Corporate blogger – Awana,

"There are days when hope is hard to find.  Yet when we seek Him and Truth, we discover that HE is the Hope that anchors our soul. Hope for the Hard Days is written by one who knows affliction.  Rachel Lundy has given us rich and yet tender words for our fragile, weary seasons, timely words for any struggler.  She writes with beautiful honesty, raw reality yet brimming with hope for those who may have little.”
       Kathy Ferguson LittonNational Consultant for Ministry to Pastor's Wives,

“Rachel Lundy’s example of faithfulness in difficult circumstances was a blessing to me before I became ill, but since becoming partially homebound myself during treatment for cancer, her grace and beauty have inspired me to embrace my own situation as a part of God’s divine design. She has taught me to look for God’s hand in all of life, and through this series of devotions, she will encourage, inspire, and lead others to look to the Lord and His strength.”
       Beth Holmesministry wife, mom, blogger at

“Rachel's heart for those walking through difficult times is evident in the pages of her new devotional Hope for the Hard Days. As a woman who is no stranger to pain and weariness, Rachel desires to share the hope she has found in a relationship with God that helps sustain her. Recognizing that life can't and won't be ‘perfect,’ Rachel pairs her own experiences and hardships with the scriptures that have encouraged her, to offer a way of living that we all can benefit from. No matter where your journey finds you today, Hope for the Hard Days is the perfect devotional to begin your day with."
       Kristin Smithwife, mother and writer at The Riches of His Love and God-sized Dreams

Hope for the Hard Days

View the free ebook here: Hope for the Hard Days.

The ebook can be read online if you wish. You are also welcome to download and print it at home.

I hope and pray that this ebook will be a blessing to you. May you always abound in hope and cling to the Lord Jesus Christ!

Hope for the Hard Days Reviews

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