Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Busy Hands: Crochet Walker Bag

Last week I shared the craft projects I entered into the county fair in August. One of the items was this crocheted walker bag.

Several times over the past few years I have looked for a crochet walker bag pattern, but I have never found one that I liked. Instead of using a traditional walker bag pattern, I decided to combine two purse patterns that I liked, and then I added straps so the purse could hang on a walker. I used the houndstooth stitch from this Houndstooth Tote, and I used the basic design of this Simple Crochet Handbag. I like how the finished product turned out!

Edited to add: If you would like to see how I made the straps for the walker bag, you can check out the comment thread on this facebook post. I have uploaded several pictures to show the straps and buttons inside of the walker bag.

Meet my travel walker, Henry. I'm naming my assistive devices now because that makes things more fun. :)

Henry is a new walker that I purchased in preparation for our big trip in April. Usually when we travel I don't bring a walker, but for a trip that long and tiring I knew it would not be wise for me to go without one. Henry folds compactly, making it much easier to fit in our van along with all of our suitcases, my wheelchair, and my other medical supplies.

Henry did not come with a basket, so having a walker bag on our trip was very helpful. It allowed me to easily carry my phone and a few small medical supplies.

Meet my inside walker, Cordell. (Bonus points to you if you can figure out why he is named Cordell!) Cordell helps me walk around my home on a daily basis. Cordell doesn't fold compactly for travelling, which is why he stays in the house.

My walker bag was originally made to use with Henry, but I like the bag so much that I use it with Cordell too.

Do you have a favorite walker bag pattern? If so, I'd love to see it!

What have you been doing lately to keep your hands busy?

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