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Choose Joy: When Healing Doesn't Come

Choose Joy: Finding Hope and Purpose when Life Hurts

Each Monday in January I have been sharing quotes from Choose Joy by Sara Frankl and Mary Carver. I hope that you have enjoyed Sara's words as much as I have. If you want to purchase the book, it is available at Amazon, Christian Book, and many other places.

Today I am sharing quotes from Sara about healing and prayer. Sara was completely confident that God could heal her, but she knew that sometimes healing was not God's plan. She prayed for a heart that would seek after His desires instead of her own wants, and she trusted God to do what was best in her life, whether it be healing or sickness.

I believe in a God Who is so much bigger than I can imagine Him to be that anything is possible.
I believe in a God Who is so much bigger than I can imagine Him to be that anything is possible. I also believe that sometimes healing must not be what He needs for us, or it would happen to everyone.  
– Sara Frankl, Choose Joy, page 89

I'm not wasting a moment of what is by waiting for what could be.
I do tell God what I think would be lovely for my life, but I also tell Him that I am fully open to whatever He needs from me. I don’t think prayer is just about changing my circumstances, although sometimes it does. I think it is about letting God know I’m here, I’m paying attention, I love Him and honor Him with my whole heart. It’s also about changing my heart, aligning my will with His, and asking Him to give me a heart that would rather serve Him than serve my own desires. 
I would love to wake up and never have pain again. I would love to open my windows and sit on my patio or go for a walk or swim in a lake. But I don’t want those things if they don’t serve Him… 
I don’t think healing is about who puts their faith on the line better; I think it’s about fulfilling a mission. Some are healed because that miracle will spur some on to faith. Some are not healed because that suffering will help others in some way. I’m not big enough to know which should be true for me. I trust God to make that decision. I am open to either option and I believe that if healing is meant for me, He’ll make it happen. 
In the interim I’m not wasting a moment of what is by waiting for what could be.  
– Sara Frankl, Choose Joy, page 90

Laura and Sara
Photo Credit: Gitzen Girl

The Lord did not choose to heal Sara on this earth. He chose to glorify Himself through her sickness and suffering. When her time on earth was coming to an end, Sara was still filled with joy. She was excited that she was going to meet Jesus soon. Her only concern was for her family and friends whom she was leaving behind.

Sara's sister said: 
“Sara’s focus was on making sure those of us left here on earth were taken care of. That we were okay. She said, ‘I’ll be fine. Isn’t this exciting? I want to make sure you’re okay…’ She was so courageous. Without shedding a tear, and filled with joy, she told us how excited she was to meet our Heavenly Father. Even in those last days, she continued teaching us—how to love, how to be brave, how to choose joy.” 
Choose Joy, page 158

Sara and Riley

A final word from Sara: 

“Make it about Him, not you. Enjoy every second. Choose joy.” 

- Choose Joy, page 172

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