Monday, April 11, 2016

Adventure and Joy

My word for 2015 was “Adventure.” It was a year full of unknowns. We were looking for a new place of ministry, and we were expecting another move. We knew that big changes were coming for our family that year, but we didn’t know exactly what those changes would be or when they would happen.. So before 2015 even began, I determined to embrace the adventure and enjoy the ride!

When we moved to Minnesota four years ago, it was for a temporary pastoral position for Will at a church here. Because we knew it was a short-term ministry position, we began looking for a place of long-term ministry soon after arriving in Minnesota in 2012. We have been praying that the Lord would make very clear what He wanted us to do next, and He has made it very clear. God has closed the door to every ministry position that appeared to be a good fit for our family. Much to our surprise, He has led us out of vocational ministry, and He has provided a job for Will right here in Southwest Minnesota. Will has recently accepted a full-time position as a paralegal at a local law firm.

At this point we are not continuing to pursue vocational ministry. The Lord has made it clear that vocational ministry is not what He has for us right now. Although we are very disappointed that we will not currently be engaged in full-time ministry, we are excited to see how the Lord may use us here in Southwest Minnesota, and we are excited for the opportunities that Will has to pursue justice through the practice of law. 

We are grateful for the 15 years that we had in ministry and in preparation for ministry. We trust that the Lord will continue to use our training to further His kingdom through work and lay ministry here in Minnesota.

Photo by Will Lundy, Graphic by Lisa Copen

My word for 2016 is “Joy.” As we face changes this year, I have been working on choosing joy. I want to enjoy this unexpected life we have been given in Minnesota. I want to enjoy my state, my house, my family, and our life here. And when life is hard, I am looking for joy in the midst of the hard things.

2015 was a year of adventure, and 2016 is a year for choosing joy!

Do you choose “one word” for your year? What is your word for 2016?

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