Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Mercy House Global Fundraiser

A Baby Changed Everything

One of my favorite ministries is Mercy House Global. They rescue pregnant teenage moms in Kenya from desperate circumstances. These girls once lived in the slums and streets of Kenya, and they became pregnant as a result of rape or because of forced prostitution. Some families are so desperate that the mothers ask their daughters to trade sex for food. It's a tragic and heartbreaking reality.

Mercy House comes alongside these young mothers and provides them with a safe home, an education, medical care, job skills training, and much more. Through this ministry, they break the cycle of poverty. Most importantly, they share the gospel and provide regular Bible teaching and discipleship. The lives of these teenage mothers and their babies is being changed for the better. And for those who come to know Jesus, their lives are changed for eternity.

If you have been reading here for a while, you have heard me talk about Mercy House several times before. I love the work they are doing, and it has always been a joy to help them in whatever ways I am able. Recently I had the opportunity to join Mercy House as a volunteer Ambassador. It is an honor to advocate for these precious girls and their babies. I hope that someday I will be able to travel to Kenya to meet these girls and see the maternity home there. I don't know how I will physically do it, but it's a dream of mine nonetheless!

I want to write more about Mercy House Global in the coming months, but for now I have a need to share with you. Mercy House is $50,000 short of their fundraising goals for the year. If you are looking for a ministry to give a donation to this holiday season, will you please consider Mercy House?

I am partnering with Mercy House this month to help them raise these much-needed funds. Will you join me? Let's help them rescue more young mothers and babies in 2020! Let's serve these girls in Jesus' name.

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