Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Diamonds 2021 Conference

The Diamonds Conference is coming again in 2021, and I would love to invite you to join us! Two years ago Sara Willoughby started the Diamonds Conference, and it has become an annual conference that many of us enjoy. Diamonds 2021 will be January 22-24, 2021. 

If you have a chronic illness, this will be a helpful and encouraging conference for you to attend. And even if you don't have a chronic illness yourself, but you have a friend or family member with chronic illness, you may find helpful information and encouragement during the conference as well!

We want the conference to be as accessible as possible to those with chronic illness, so the conference is completely online, and it is free during the conference weekend! After the conference weekend is over, you will have the option to purchase an all-access pass so that you can have lifetime access to the videos. There will also be some scholarships available for the all-access pass.

The theme this year is Purpose in Affliction. Speakers will be sharing about God's purposes in affliction, purpose we have in the midst of suffering, ways we have seen God use affliction for good, serving the Lord when we are chronically ill, and much more!

There are about twenty different speakers this year! These are all people who are affected by chronic illness, so you get to hear from those who understand what life is like with a long-term physical affliction.

My husband and I are excited to be speaking at the conference this year. On January 22nd, we will be speaking together about marriage with a chronic illness. We will share a glimpse into our marriage and talk about ways God has used affliction for good in our marriage and in our family. There will be a short Q&A session after we speak for those who have questions. We hope this session will be an encouragement to others that God is working in your marriage for your good and His glory.

I will also be speaking during another session. On Sunday evening I will be sharing about suffering from a biblical perspective. This will be a big picture look at suffering, from beginning to end in the Bible, including ways God uses suffering for good in the life of a believer. The title of my talk is "An Eternal Weight of Glory: A Biblical Theology of Suffering."

You can learn more about the conference here! You can see a list of the speakers, find a conference schedule, and find more information as the conference draws closer.

If you want to attend the conference, I recommend registering right away! There will be more information in the coming weeks, and you don't want to miss it!

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