Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Eggs

Today Will, William, and I have been decorating Easter eggs and listening to our Easter Music. It's messy, but fun. I like having fun projects and crafts that we can do together while sitting down and staying in one place. It makes life easier for me, while still being exciting and fun for William.

We did mostly hard-boiled eggs, but we did some blown eggs too. I discovered that people with POTS are not meant to blow out eggs. Lucky for me I have a husband who is willing to do it for me. By the time we got to the last egg I figured out that baby nasal aspirators work very well for blowing the egg out. I'll have to file that knowledge away for next year.

Here are some pictures of our fun!

William was very amused by the whole egg dying process.

I learned from Martha Stewart today that you can make pretty patterns on the eggs by wrapping them tightly in lace and then placing them in the dye.

Here is my favorite lacy egg. Martha's turned out better, but who's keeping score?

Martha's hands looked better too. She wears rubber gloves while dying eggs. Obviously I don't!

Our basket of colored eggs. The eggs are new, but the basket is as old as me. I think that Easter grass just might be as old as me too!


  1. Beautiful eggs! Next year I'm gonna have to copy you! William is blessed to have such a fun creative mama!

  2. How pretty! The Martha lace idea is very cool. I bet Martha didn't have as much fun as you guys did. ;-)

  3. Beautiful! I might need to try the trick with the lace tomorrow.

    I've got an idea for a craft while sitting. How about making a pot holder (I think that's what they're called.) You weave it together using a square. There are little kits in the store. Just an idea for rainy day!

    Have a wonderful Easter!


  4. Love the lace idea! So cool! My mom loves to watch the Martha Stewart show--but for the cooking part, not the crafts! :P She doesn't get to watch it often, but when she does she's so excited, it's hilarious. It made me laugh that you had been watching Martha too. I think she's brilliant. My new comforter is Martha Stewart! :) Good job on the Easter eggs to both you and William!


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