Monday, April 5, 2010

Girly Feet

Spring is here. It is time for feet to come out of winter socks and step into the sunshine. Yesterday I painted Adelaide's toenails for the first time. She can now sit outside with me in style.


  1. oh how gorgeous! little baby feet are the best. right up there with baby smell and baby hands. :)

  2. Her feet look like yours now :) cute!

  3. Oh, this picture is so very precious! I just love little baby feet! :0)

    I hope you have been doing well. It seems that you are adjusting well to your new life as a mommy of two. I just don't know how you manage with two little ones, especially a newborn! I really miss mine being small but I surely don't know how I would survive without my two teenage daughters (and husband) here to help me! I know it must be very challenging for you but I know it is also very rewarding being a mom.

    Rachel, you are truly an amazing woman - a wonderful inspiration and encouragement to me and many others with our disease. Thanks for continuing to share your life with us.

    Thinking of you and keeping you and your family in my prayers.


    Teresa <><

  4. OH that is the cutest thing. Not that I ever doubted this, but I know for sure that Rachel and Adelaide are the girliest girls on the block! ;-)

  5. I found you on Twitter (in a roundabout way). I love the tiny painted toenails! They are so precious. My girls are in flip-flops now and are always wanting their toes painted too. Fun!


  6. So cute! And thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  7. Oh that is absolutely adorable! Something about pudgy baby feet!!! Nice to meet you, I am stopping by from SITS! Have a great Saturday!

  8. Sweet little baby feet! I love painting my daughters toenails!


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