Monday, July 28, 2014

Borrowing Spoons and Building Forts

If you knew me back in my healthier days, you probably remember that I like to have fun. I really like to play! It is quite a strange thing to now be stuck in a body that doesn't allow for much activity. There is a whole side to me that my children rarely get to see because I am too tired for much play. It takes most of my energy just to make it through the necessary daily tasks, but every once in a while I play anyway. I go into spoon debt, borrowing spoons from the next day to invest in the present. That is what I did this weekend.

On Saturday William and Adelaide built a fort in the middle of our living room using three blankets, two chairs, and a card table. They excitedly brought me out to show me their work and invite me into their fort. I went about halfway inside and really had fun being in a fort again. Then the big kid in me couldn't help but look around and see all of the blankets, furniture, and space still available. I went to work.

The fort grew bigger and bigger! William and Adelaide were quite surprised that their mom knew about building forts and having fun with such things. I know I have helped them to build forts before, but I suppose it has been so long that they don't remember. There have been too many days full of migraines lately for them to remember much else.

The forts I have built with William and Adelaide in the past have not been this big. I told them that this was the deluxe model! When the fort was completed, William said to me, "You are a super hero!" Adelaide said, "You are the best mom ever. And I'm never wrong about these things."

It was a very fun 15 minutes of fort building for me and an afternoon of fun play for William and Adelaide. Fort building wore me out, so I counted it as my exercise for the day!

What did you do over the weekend?

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  1. I love that! Super Hero mom!! I need to take time to help my kids make messes like these more often! :)

  2. Awesome too see that you had this great adventure... There are many things that can be done while laying down or conserving energy...

    Slowly little by little...

    Glad you were so richly blessed...

  3. Thank you, Corrine. I was richly blessed. How have you been doing lately?


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