Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Weekend Fun

You won’t believe what I did this past weekend! I can hardly believe it myself. I went down a water slide! Yes, that water slide you see pictured above. I have been having a lot of "good days" lately, so I put my energy to good use and played with my family!

We spent time at a pool on Saturday. I enjoyed walking around in a chilly pool for exercise, and I enjoyed relaxing in a hot tub. Most of all, I enjoyed a ride down the water slide!

Will helped me climb all the way up the stairs. The steps were shallow, which made the climb easier for me. I move slowly up stairs, so there were quite a few kids and teenagers lined up behind me by the time I got to the top. But they were all patient with me, and no one complained about the slow person! :) 

Once I made it to the top, I got on a raft and rode down a dark and twisty water slide! I flipped upside down when I landed in the pool. I got water up my nose. My head was spinning. It took some time to fully regain my balance. But I did it! And it was so much fun!

After going down the water slide, I relaxed by the pool and watched my family play. Adelaide had a lot of fun on the little water slide.

I love to play. It is one of my very favorite things to do. If I have energy for it, I will go all out to have fun. And I sure went all out this weekend! I had a migraine the day after playing at the pool and going down the water slide. Too much activity always flares up my migraines, but this was a mild migraine considering the intense activity from the day before. I am still extra tired and sleepy from the weekend, but I am doing very well all things considered.

In the past two weeks my health has started improving again. I have been regaining strength and energy more quickly than I did this fall. I am so glad for the improvements. I still have to spend the majority of the day resting in bed, but I am able to do more when I am out of bed in the afternoons. My energy levels now are about what they were in June of last year, which is a significant improvement over where I was in February.

There are many ups and downs with my dysautonomia, and I am glad to finally be on the upswing again. I am trying to not get too excited about the extra energy, though. I want to make sure I keep my hope firmly rooted in Christ and not in the hope of more energy and better days. When I place my hope in better health, I am always disappointed. When I keep my hope in Christ, it anchors my soul, enabling me to weather whatever dysautonomia storms come my way.

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