Monday, March 30, 2020

Fair Trade Easter Eggs

Back when we lived in Kentucky I made a Resurrection Egg set, and I wrote a lesson plan for young children. I used it twice when we hosted an Easter Egg hunt with our neighbors. But I have used it countless times with my own children. This egg set has been a favorite for each of my children, especially at young ages.

When William was three years old, one of his favorite things to do every day was open these eggs and hear the Easter story. He would ask me to tell him the story over and over again. I would share the lesson several times in a row, until my voice was hoarse and I had to stop! Later on in the day we would do it again.

A few years later, Adelaide was asking to hear the lesson again and again. And now Stafford loves to open the eggs and talk about what we find inside. What a blessing it is to have my children asking over and over to hear the good news of Jesus Christ! This little egg set has been one of the very best teaching tools in our house.

I have a small set that includes only eight eggs. The eggs contain:
  • Bread
  • A picture of praying hands
  • 30 pieces of silver (dimes)
  • A nail
  • A tiny cross
  • Cloth
  • A rock
  • And the last egg is empty because the tomb was empty on Easter morning!

This year I decided to give our Resurrection Eggs a little update, and I recreated them with fair trade eggs from Mercy House! The items inside are the same, but the eggs are made by the women of Street Hope.

The women of Street Hope once lived on the streets of Mathare Valley in Kenya, but because of the simple job of sewing felt crafts, these women have been able to move off of the street and into their own homes! They have been able to leave survival prostitution now that they have dignified jobs. These courageous women are working their way out of poverty.

It brings me joy to know that my purchase of fair trade eggs helps women to provide for their families. These little felt eggs are sturdy and pretty! They bring a smile to my face, and they remind me to pray for Street Hope and for Mercy House.

Today Mercy House has these felt eggs on sale! They are also selling baskets with pre-filled Easter eggs. Click over to the Mercy House store to shop the Easter collection and snag a good deal on Easter eggs!

*Edited to add: The Easter eggs sold out in a matter of hours! But they will have more next year! Meanwhile, there are still plenty of wonderful fair trade products in the store if you want to support Mercy House and the women they provide with jobs. Mercy House also has a FREE digital Easter Bundle if you want some more ideas for celebrating Easter at home with your children.*

And if you are interested in making and using Resurrection Eggs, you can read my lesson plan here. If you have young children, I highly recommend doing this with them! Little ones love it!

What special things do you do at Easter to share the gospel with your children? I would love to hear your ideas!

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