Thursday, March 26, 2020

Give Mercy

I cried last week when I learned that Mercy House Global had to pause the rescue of pregnant teen moms in Kenya. This ministry is a ministry that I have advocated for and supported for many years now. It broke my heart to read these words from Kristen Welch:

For the first time in a decade of March’s, we have temporarily paused the rescue of new pregnant teens in Kenya so that we can continue to support hundreds. 
I won’t lie: this wrecked me. 
God, we know you’re in control when things seem so out of control. Please rescue us, all. 
Friends, will you join me in praying for new donors, new shoppers, new sponsors, new club members to RISE up.

Due to COVID-19, Mercy House had to close their retail stores in Texas. The proceeds from these fair trade stores helps to support the work of Mercy House, so this has created a loss of revenue for them. And as the economy suffers in the months to come, this also has an impact on Mercy House, and on many other nonprofit organizations, who rely on the generosity of donors.

But even when the economy suffers here in the United States, the needs remain in Kenya. There are still more than 50 young mamas and 50 babies in Kenya who need our continued support. There are grandmothers of the babies in the maternity home who continue to weave rugs and make jewelry for Mercy House to sell. There are artisans in the slums of Kenya who rely on Mercy House to continue provide work for them. There are still more girls who need to be rescued.

My heart breaks for these little ones and their young mamas. My heart breaks for the grandmothers who are working their way out of poverty. They are counting on us to continue to be there for them in the hard days ahead as the Coronavirus pandemic spreads across the country and across the world.

If you are able, will you please join me in helping Mercy House continue their important work? I have started a fundraiser for Mercy House that I will share below. I will also keep a link to this fundraiser in my sidebar throughout the rest of 2020 (and possibly beyond!). I know there are many worthy causes that need our support right now. Perhaps Mercy House is one that you would like to consider supporting in the coming days and months.

Another way you can help Mercy House is by shopping in their online store. They sell beautiful fair trade products! The proceeds from the sales help to fund the maternity home in Kenya. By shopping in the Mercy House store, you help to provide jobs for women in poverty around the world, and you help to support the ministry of Mercy House. This is shopping with a good purpose!

If you do shop in the online store, you can use the code SPEAKUP to save $10 on a purchase of $25 or more. And currently all purchases over $75 get free shipping!

In the coming weeks I will be sharing more ways you can help Mercy House. I will blog more here, and I will share regularly on Instagram and Facebook as well.

Mercy House exists to engage, empower, and disciple women around the globe in Jesus' name. Engage those with resources to say yes to the plight of women in poverty. Empower women and teenage mothers around the world through partnerships and sustainable fair trade product development. Disciple women to be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.
- Mercy House Global 

All photos are courtesy of Mercy House Global.

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