Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today has been a hard day for me. I've been tired, weak, and faint. The morning started out around 10:15. Will brought me my Gatorade and cereal for breakfast. I wasn't hungry, but I knew I needed food after not being able to eat much at all yesterday. I took my meds, drank my Gatorade, and ate my breakfast. Around 10:45 I tried to get out of bed to get dressed. I had to lie down a few times because I was getting short of breath and was close to fainting. I would not have pushed myself to get up before noon, except that a friend was coming over to visit and I wanted to look presentable.

My friend arrived a little before noon and stayed for an hour and a half. I spent most of that time lying on the floor because it was too hard to sit up. I was short of breath and had a hard time keeping up with conversation at times.

Come 2:00pm I was so tired that all I could think of was getting to bed and resting all afternoon. I needed rest, and I needed it very soon. Will put William down for a nap and went to the library to do some work. Two hours later I had to call Will home because William had woken up and I was too tired to take care of him. Around the time Will got home I realized that I was getting a migraine. I took some medicine and asked Will to take William out for a while so that I could have some silence and rest and recover from the migraine. I have had to spend most of the afternoon and evening in bed, and I'm going back to bed in a few minutes.

While lying in bed to rest late this afternoon I started reading "The Voice of the Martyrs." Reading that magazine helps me to keep things in perspective. In this current issue there are stories of widows in Nigeria whose husbands were Christians and were killed by Muslims. These widows are struggling to provide for their families, and they are persecuted simply because they are Christians. Their homes and possessions have been burned. These women and their children have been beaten and abused. They have seen other Christians stabbed to death in the streets by angry Muslims. Yet these women remain faithful to Christ. They love the Lord, and they know that God has not forgotten them. They have joy in the midst of trials and persecutions. They know that they have hope and a home in heaven that can never be taken away.

My life is hard, and this has been a bad day physically. Despite those challenges, though, I am so very blessed! Here is my day from a better perspective:

I have a devoted and faithful husband who so lovingly takes care of me every day. He brought my Gatorade and breakfast to me in bed as soon as I woke up.

I have a wonderful friend who took time out of her day to come and visit me at my apartment. She didn't expect me to be a fabulous hostess. She didn't mind at all that I was on the floor almost the whole time. She even brought ice cream for me!

When I desperately needed time to rest, I had a soft, cozy, warm bed to rest in. Will made sure the house was quiet for me and did his work at the library.

When William woke up, Will immediately came home to help me out. When the migraine hit, Will was ready to change plans and take William out of the apartment so that I could rest in silence.

I have a Bible by my bedside, and no one has ever tried to kill me because of it.

I am so very, very blessed. God has given me a good life. And the best is yet to come!


  1. Rachel, thanks for your candid blog. The Lord has blessed you with spiritual wisdom and I'm blessed to be your friend. I hope that we can continue to get to know one another better. Maybe you can teach me how to really crochet :-) ~ jenny

  2. Even though you said in your post that you felt weak, you inspired me with your strength. Even though you were tired, you had the energy to write. And I am glad that you did. I hope tomorrow is better, Rachel.

  3. It is all about perspective isn't it? We've had a rough week here with Jada being sick and Jeff working alot and my perspective has been horribly skewed all week long! Maybe--- even though things have been a little rough this week in our house- I've just spent too much time focusing on myself and haven't directed my eyes upward to the Lord. Thanks for the reminder- sending lots of hugs from Alaska (which by the way, has turned amazingly green and lush in the last week!)!!

  4. What a beautiful post to welcome me to your blog! I saw your comment a couple above mine on Roll Call this morning over at SITs, and I wanted to stop by to say hello.

    You are truly inspiring, and your faith was a beautiful thing to see in your post. I'll be praying for you and your family and most certainly following your blog.

    God bless you...

  5. Perspective is a beautiful thing! You have a wonderful outlook!


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