Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Favorite Seat In the House

This is my window seat, and it is my favorite spot in our apartment.  I love to sit here because it is pretty, and because thre is so much purple all in one place.

I also love the windows.  On the hot summer days I can sit here and see my flowers, tomatoes, herbs, and okra, even though I can't go outside and water them.  It is as close to the outdoors as I can get many days.  Even though it is September now, we are still having unseasonably warm weather.  Yesterday it was 97 degrees.  I don't step out of the apartment on days like that, and so these windows are a treat.

Sweet 100s
This is the view I have of my tomatoes from inside.  This tomato plant has produced so many tomatoes that I have been asking others to pick them too.  I haven't been able to keep up with the picking or the eating of such a prolific plant!

My petunias as I see them while on my window seat

A hummingbird often comes to visit these flowers during the day.  I snapped a picture one day, but I had to take it through the screen, and since the hummingbird is half the size of one of those flowers, it didn't turn out too well.  Can you find the hummingbird?

Here are some views from outside, taken back in July.
We had four pots of tomatoes, kale, lots of herbs and decorative plants and flowers.

Okra, Herbs, and Geranium. 



  1. love your garden view, what a great idea to have a comfy seat looking out to your garden. x

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! What a GORGEOUS window seat. (Purple is my favorite color too!) You can TELL it's hot from the outside pictures. Isn't that funny? I can just feel the heat from here. YUCK.
    Love your garden plants though!

  3. I love your favorite seat it surely would be a favorite spot for me...I have enjoyed your pics. very much thank you.
    God Bless, Rita

  4. I have never seen okra growing. I might just grow it for the flower alone!


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