Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Little Friends

Adelaide is my special little friend.  She is happy and affectionate, and she loves to be with me. She doesn’t understand yet that I am sick. I’m just her mommy, and she loves me.

Adelaide’s new favorite thing to do with me is come snuggle in bed.  She likes to talk to me about anything that comes to mind.  She likes my fuzzy blanket and soft mattress. She likes to snuggle down under the covers and pretend to take a nap with me.  She thinks it’s a game. Little does she know, I am in bed because I have to be. I sometimes play with her here because I don’t have the option of playing with her in the living room.

There are many times that I am too weak and tired to let Adelaide come into the bedroom to say hello to me while I am resting. When Will comes in to bring me food or to check on me, I hear Adelaide at the door, begging to come in. It breaks my heart when I hear her crying out, “Mommy!” I can tell by the sound of her voice that tears are pouring down her face. She just wants to be with me, and she doesn’t understand that I’m too sick to play.

It won’t be much longer, and she will start to understand.  I very clearly remember a conversation with William when he was 2 ½ years old.  I was stuck in bed, and Will brought William in to see me.  My son asked me, “Fell well, Mommy?” in a sad voice while shaking his head no.  (Translation: “Do you not feel well, Mommy?”)

I said, “No, I don’t feel well.”

William asked his daddy, “Feel well, Daddy?” in a happy voice while shaking his head yes. (Translation: “Do you feel well, Daddy?”)

Will said, “Yes, I feel well.”

I asked William how he felt, and he replied with a big smile, “I happy. So happy!”

William was young when he began to notice that I was sick and tired when no one else was.  He liked to snuggle me in bed and just be with me (and he still does, which makes me happy).

Now I also have Adelaide to come and be my little snuggle bug.  She likes to join me not only in my bed but also in my recliner.  Quite often now if I am resting in my recliner, Adelaide will climb up with me and just play on my lap.  I absolutely love having her with me.  I know it won’t be much longer and she’ll be too big and heavy to sit on my lap and play for half an hour, so I’m soaking it all up now!

My homebound days are made much easier by these precious children.  They provide endless entertainment, smiles, hugs, and kisses.  I thank the Lord for the blessing of these little friends.


  1. She has such a precious smile...what a wonderful little snuggle bug she must be!  :)

  2. I really relate to this. Natalie is my little pal, we call her Pally. She is Mommy's shadow and even resembles me. I am so thankful to have my girls home with me, even though it's harder to rest sometimes, they keep me laughing and feeling loved.

  3. She really is a wonderful snuggle bug!

  4. I love seeing pictures of you and Natalie.  I can tell that she adores you!

    That's neat that you refer to her as your "shadow."  I call Adelaide that too!  She likes to follow me around wherever I go.

    What a blessing children are.


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