Monday, April 14, 2014

Busy Hands: Birthday Gifts

This fall I spent time crocheting and knitting gifts for Adelaide's birthday in December. I crocheted a rosy pink dress for her baby doll. It was a great little project to use up some of my leftover yarn stash.

I knit a soft, white blanket for Adelaide's baby doll. All I know how to do is the knit stitch, so it isn't anything fancy, but it was fun to make. I would work on it in the evenings when I was resting in bed. I usually forgot to hide it when William and Adelaide came in to give me hugs and kisses good night. They often asked, "What are you making?" I would say, "I'll show you when I'm done." They had no idea what I was making, and they were both to surprised to find out what it was when Adelaide's birthday arrived! 

The most special gift was the doll in the white dress. The doll had been wearing only a partially finished hat and dress made by my Oma. I finished up the dress and gave it to Adelaide for her birthday.

In this picture Adelaide is wearing a shirt that I made for her a year and a half ago.
I crocheted a snowflake and sewed it onto an otherwise plain, black turtleneck. 

Happy 4th Birthday, Adelaide!


  1. Janie Hovda FarrensApril 14, 2014 at 1:37 PM

    What pretty, love-filled gifts! She looks like she really enjoys them!

  2. She does enjoy them. The older she gets the more she loves her dolls!


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