Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Busy Hands: A Bag for Myrtle

sling seat cane with crocheted bag

This fall I took walks in front of our house with our little dog, Frodo. I bought this seat cane to help me, and I named her Myrtle. This seat cane has worked well for me, but it was difficult to hold on to a leash, my phone, a cane, and any items I needed for Frodo. So I made this little bag to hang on Myrtle.

crocheted seat cane bag

I liked the houndstooth pattern on my walker bag so much that I decided to make something similar for a seat cane bag. I made the bag in the round and then added a black flap to close over the top. After that I added two single crochet strips to use to secure the bag to the seat cane.

button closure inside of seat cane bag

The straps easily secure with black buttons inside of the bag.

seat cane bag

As a final touch, I added a vintage brooch from a friend. I thought about adding a crocheted flower, but decided on the brooch instead. When I'm ready for a different look, I can easily change it to a different pin.

This seat cane bag is working out well for me, and I like the way it makes Myrtle look a little bit more fun and fancy. I'm not currently taking walks with Frodo because it is too cold, but Myrtle and I are ready to go whenever it warms up again!

What have you been doing lately to keep your hands busy? Do you have any fun crafts or projects to share?

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