Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Best Surprise

I’m not one who likes surprises. Pretty much ever. If you want to give me a bad birthday present, just throw me a surprise birthday party (please don’t).

But this surprise… oh, this one is good!

The Lundy Family holding ultrasound pictures of Baby Stafford!

We found out this summer that God is blessing us with another child! What a wonderful, happy surprise. We have a little boy on the way, and his name is Stafford. Lord willing, he will be arriving in March.

Life is going to get harder; that is true! But a new baby is most certainly a happy and good surprise. God is the creator and giver of life, and children are always a blessing from Him. We are grateful that God has chosen us to take care of Stafford and raise this child for His honor and glory.

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