Friday, September 30, 2011

Releasing Our Butterflies

My sister, Krista, helped us release the butterflies today.

The butterflies slowly made their way out of the butterfly garden.

This butterfly sat on top of the butterfly garden for a while before flying away.

Painted Lady

William got to hold the butterfly before it flew away!


  1. I haven't seen many butterflies in the last couple of years.  It's sad because I have fond memories of lying on my back in the grass and watching them flutter by.

  2. Rachel, what a great idea!  Where did you get this?  Did you order it somewhere?  My children would LOVE this!!  

  3. Adina, we got the butterfly garden and caterpillars from  They have so much cool stuff!  William wants to do tadpoles next, but that project is much more expensive and time consuming.  I hope we can do it someday, though, because it would be so fascinating.


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